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Confronting the Harsh
Reality of LA County's
Sex Trafficking Crisis

Help Us Build a Safe Haven for Victims of Sex Trafficking in LA County

LA County is one of the major hubs for commercial sexual exploitation of children in the US. When these children turn 18, they are often placed in transitional living accommodations that do not support their needs. They are deeply damaged, and too traumatized to function normally, so often end up back on the streets. The system has failed them, but with your help, we can change their future.

Imagine a place where victims of sex trafficking find the support, guidance, and resources they need to transform their lives. Give Mentor Love is turning this vision into reality with the Village, a holistic living and learning environment for survivors of sex trafficking.

Here we provide support, healing, and housing - while teaching life skills - to help these young people break free and reclaim their lives.

From surviving—to thriving, the Village will transform lives, one tiny house at a time.

The Village is a groundbreaking initiative by GML that aims to provide these young adults with a safe, nurturing space where they can learn to live independently and thrive. Each resident will live in their own Tiny House (approx. 400 sq. ft.) and access to an array of services and programs designed to educate and train.

At the Village, each resident will live in a tiny house and be provided essentials, therapy and life-changing learning programs.

Bachelorette Survival

Teaches essential living skills like house cleaning, cooking, nutrition, and laundry management

Therapeutic Programs

Art, music, and physical fitness activities to promote healing and well-being.

Financial Fitness

Teaches banking, budgeting, computer skills, and workforce development.

Zen Meditation Areas

Spaces for reflection and tranquility.

Forge Ahead

Offers support in achieving a high school diploma, financial aid for continuing education, internships, and job opportunities.


Provides free essential supplies, such as food, hygiene items, clothes, and other necessities.

Life Management

Art, music, and physical fitness activities to promote healing and well-being

Act of Kindness

Encourages empathy for others to unravels them from personal trauma.

Learning Center

Equipped with a computer lab and tutoring.

Pinky-Up Charm School

Trains social skills to build confidence in social settings

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GML is a non-profit organization of Dedicated Volunteers working tirelessly to support LA County youths and young adults in crisis, at risk, homeless, or in foster care, and victims of sex trafficking. WE GIVE basic needs, WE MENTOR to instill hope, and WE LOVE unconditionally to guide these young people towards a brighter future.

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